United Methodist Personal Investment Plan

The United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) plan provides a retirement savings plan for eligible clergy and employees of The United Methodist Church and affiliated organizations.

UMPIP is a defined contribution retirement plan. You may make tax-deferred contributions through payroll deductions. Your contributions, and any contributions your plan sponsor may make on your behalf, comprise your retirement account balance. Your account accumulates earnings from investments among the General Board's selection of funds.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible to participate in UMPIP if you are Clergy or Laity of a UMPIP plan sponsor and you meet certain eligibility requirements established by your plan sponsor. Your plan sponsor will offer you an opportunity to enroll once you are eligible to participate.

The local church is the plan sponsor for clergy and laity within the church. For Clergy appointed to an Extension Ministry, the employer may become the plan sponsor and therefore will be responsible to enroll eligible participants.  The General Board of Pensions will send out a monthly bill directly to the plan sponsor for those participants enrolled in the plan. 

For additional information regarding UMPIP, please download UMPIP Brochure.


  • UMPIP Brochure At-a-Glance [PDF]
  • UMPIP Getting Started [PDF]
  • UMPIP Enrollment Form [PDF]
  • Designation Form of Beneficiary for Retirement and Welfare Plans-Participant [PDF]
    (The designation of beneficiary form allows you to choose the person or persons to whom the General Board will pay benefits in the event of your death prior to receiving plan benefits.)
  • UMPIP Billing Change Form [PDF]
    (The Billing Change Form is used when a participant wishes to make a contribution change to their UMPIP account and/or notify the General Board of a change of employer/salary-paying unit.  The amount may be specified as a percent of compensation or a dollar amount.  The form may be faxed directly to the General Board of Pensions at the number provided on the form.)
  • UMPIP Before-Tax and After-Tax Contributions Agreement [PDF]
    (The before-tax and after-tax contributions agreement is an agreement between you and your plan sponsor, specifying the amount you wish to contribute to the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) on a before-tax and/or after-tax basis. You will specify the amount as a percentage of compensation or a dollar amount, as well as the effective date of the contributions.  Your church or salary-paying unit will deduct the amount from your paycheck and remit it to the General Board.)
  • UMPIP Investment Election Form [PDF]
    (The investment election form is used to advise the General Board the way in which you want to invest your UMPIP contributions. You may choose to elect the LifeStage Investment Management Service (LifeStage) to manage your UMPIP account balance or you may choose to self-direct the investments of your account. With this form, the General Board will establish your account and apply your UMPIP contributions as you direct.)
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